Saffron Stakeholders conference 2015


We are delighted to introduce the Saffron Social Development Global Foundation Training and Capacity Building Programme. The programme is open to all staff in government agencies, child centred organisations and the general public

“Individual stakeholders/agencies who, come in contact with children, young people and their families, are responsible for ensuring that their staff are competent and confident in carrying out their responsibilities for child protection, safeguarding and promoting children’s welfare”

All staff should be able to recognise when a child may require safeguarding or child protection intervention and should know what to do in response to concerns raised about a child’s welfare.

The SSDGF training and competence building programme, aims to support the development of shared understanding, effective communication and working relationships across all agencies. It is designed to improve knowledge and skills in the core areas of; recognition and action, planning and intervention, working together to make a family stronger and a child safer.

While the State Government & Child Centred Organisations have a lead role in Safeguarding and Child Protection, ‘responsibility must be shared by EVERYONE because children are safeguarded only when all agencies and individuals accept responsibility and co-operate with one-another’.

Whatever your role in working with children, young people and their families, the courses are designed with you in mind.

The SSDG Training Team have developed a complimentary programme of Core Courses, Targeted and Specialist Courses to meet the requirements to support learning outcomes recognised as essential through our research on training needs analysis, to equip organisations in effectively safeguarding and promoting the welfare of every Nigerian Child.

We hope that all organisations, stakeholders, staff and volunteers who come in contact with children, young people and their families, can find something of relevance and interest in this comprehensive programme and we look forward to receiving your applications, participation in events and feedback.