To look at the impact of domestic violence on women and children, discuss the different forms of abusive behaviour and how this affects a child’s development, health and well-being.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Understand the nature of relationships which are characterised by violence, effects of “Power & Control” tactics and the “Cycle” of an abusive relationship
  • To explore why women stay in or return to an abusive relationship.
  • The impact of witnessing/living with domestic violence on children, their development, the safeguarding role of parents and families within the context of diverse communities.
  • To consider legislation, research and practice guidance related to domestic violence and its impact on children and the family.
  • Introduction to effective interventions and services, basic domestic violence risk assessment and the importance of safety planning.
  • To consider what services are available both nationally and in the State, i.e. Specialist DV Court, DVSRT Perpetrator Programmes, Specialist DV NGO (Inclusive Women) Services and know how to refer to these services.


For Professionals who are in regular contact with children, adults, parents and carers; who are in a position to identify concerns about maltreatment, harm or risk to children. Also professionals who may be asked to contribute to assessments of children in need of help. This includes those people who come into contact with parents or carers of children, such as: those working with children living with mental health issues or learning disabilities, Child Centred NGO’s, all Health care professionals, hospital and community health staff, family centre workers, teachers, education welfare officers, social workers, librarians, child minders, those working with children in residential and day care settings.


Participants must have completed the core course – Understanding Safeguarding and Child Protection


SaffronSDGF – Social Care Consultant/Trainer and Inclusive Women, DVSRT

Duration: 1 Day
Dates: TBC
Time: 9.00am – 4.00pm
Venue: Emailed in confirmation letter to paid participants
Fees: N8,000 per person

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