safeguarding the nigerian child

safeguarding the nigerian child

Safeguarding the Nigerian Child CHAMPIONS; with the mission to safeguard and protect every Nigerian Child!
Our champions are trained and equipped to deliver unified support and advice on safeguarding children, child protection information and community-led training workshops, on issues surrounding maltreatment and abuse. They are ‘A Saffron change agent, creating positive changes in their communities.

Following the recommendations from the successful Safeguarding the Nigerian Child Professional and Social Networking Forum, held on the 15th of October 2015 at the Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria,
SSDGF has engaged with a wide range of Safeguarding the Nigerian Child Champions across Nigeria and also in the UK from various professional backgrounds, community leaders, faith organisations, the media, students in higher education, volunteers, government institutions, private organisations and other NGOs.

Our champions will be included in our two day comprehensive Training for Trainers programme for our in-house consultant trainers, counselors, volunteers and commissioned trainers on delivering safeguarding, child protection training and promoting the welfare and rights of children.

Supported by SSDF, every trained Champion will be able to hold a training programme to train at least 25 other persons in ‘Level 1 Introduction to safeguarding and child protection.

SSDGF anticipates that participants in Champion-led training workshop will benefit positively from this project, causing a ‘Domino’ effect through our communities, faith and private organisations across Lagos, Nigeria and the UK. We ask that each hosting organisation that receives this training, partners with Saffron joining our project, becoming a change agent, creating positive changes in their communities, bringing about more awareness to child maltreatment, abuse, safety and positive parenting practices for better health and well-being for all our children.