Safeguarding the nigerian child snc

Adults working with children in education and faith based settings have a crucial role to play in shaping the lives of young people and therefore, should act professionally.  They are responsible for providing a safe and supportive environment, which secures the well-being and very best outcomes for children and young people in their care. This guidance has been produced to help staff establish the safest possible learning and working environments.  The aims are to safeguard young people and reduce the risk of staff being falsely accused of improper or unprofessional conduct.

SAFFRON SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT GLOBAL FOUNDATION (SSDGF) is committed to the development, co-ordination, implementation, monitoring and review of safeguarding and child protection practices. We believe that all children have the right to be protected from abuse, neglect, violence and exploitation so that they can survive, learn, participate, play and develop. As the director for safeguarding in education and faith Saffron SDGF, my role is to work assiduously with schools, churches and any other faith based organisations in safeguarding, promoting welfare of children and improving lives for better outcomes.

In today’s world, children have become more vulnerable hence, safeguarding and protecting the Nigerian child from the monstrosity of abuse are fundamental. No week passes without an allegation of abuse of a Nigerian child in the newspapers; it has become a worrisome trend which requires a necessity for a swift and effective response to combat this scourge and stem the hideous tide of abuse and terror on children.

Our goal is to establish safeguarding and child protection policy in schools and faith based organisations, conscientiously improving the quality and increasing the scale of our child protection programmes through capacity building, advocacy, interagency collaboration and resource mobilisation, ultimately ending all forms of violence against children.


  • To create an awareness on the significance of safeguarding and child protection.
  • To educate and enlighten governing bodies, owners of schools, teachers in schools and faith based organisations, caregivers in institutions on their roles on safeguarding and child protection.
  • Promoting safeguarding in teaching and learning.
  • To enlighten them on the necessity of having a designated lead who will be the safeguarding contacts in schools.
  • To sensitize them on what to look out for when working with children.
  • To educate children on their rights and responsibilities.
  • To sensitize them on safer staff recruitment and the importance of keeping records.
  • To ensure safeguarding and child protection policies are available publicly in schools and faith based organisations.
  • To ensure they work with parents for the effectiveness of this policy.
  • To educate and inform parents of their roles and responsibility in keeping their children/wards safe.
  • To ensure monitoring and supervisory bodies effectively carry out their duties through inspections and regulations.
  • To enlighten them to reach out to relevant agencies and monitoring bodies or necessary quarters should in case any allegation of abuse is raised.


According to the UN study on violence against children:

“Children have suffered violence at the hands of adults unseen and unheard for centuries. But now that the scale and impact of violence is becoming visible, they cannot be kept waiting any longer for the effective protection to which they have unqualified right.”

It is often said that when the meaning or significance of something is unknown, abuse is inevitable. So many of us are ignorant of  the magnitude of the problem, trend, progress and challenges children experience or worse still we live in denial of it , either way we are still very guilty of  looking the other way, consequently the damaging effects cast an ominous shadow on our posterity.

We will be the voice to advocate and campaign for better practices and policies to fulfil children’s rights and to ensure that children’s voices are heard and support effective implementation of best practices programmes and policies for children, leveraging our knowledge to ensure sustainable impact at scale.


  1. Speak out
  2. Innovate
  3. Collaborate
  4. Impact

Mrs Gbemisola Aduloju,

Director for Safeguarding in Education and Faith,

Saffron SDGF