To develop knowledge and skills in the observation, care and protection needs of disabled children, and to promote effective safeguarding and child protection practice with children who are disabled.

Learning Outcomes

  • To explore our attitudes, fears and prejudice towards children with disabilities e.g. that sometimes might enable us to explain away their altered behaviours
  • To raise awareness about the importance of observation, their Vulnerability to harm, and how abuse might present in children with disabilities
  • To reflect on models of disability, identify blocks, implications for Child Protection and develop skills in protecting disabled children
  • To develop a sensitivity and insight around communicating with children with disabilities
  • Raise awareness of the need for the development of a document on ‘Child Protection and Safeguarding Disabled Children’ cultivate a common language of concerns and interagency assessment framework for communicating with agencies


Those who work regularly with children and young people and professionals with particular responsibility for assessments of children in need of help.
This includes those professionals who come into contact with parents or carers of children, such as: those working with children living with mental health issues or learning disabilities, Child Centred NGO’s, all Health care professionals, hospital and community health staff, family centre workers, teachers, education welfare officers, social workers, child minders, those working with children in residential and day care settings, Nominated Safeguarding Children Officers and Advisers, police and other professionals needing the in-depth knowledge and skills in undertaking investigations including those working with complex cases.


Participants must have completed the core course – Understanding Safeguarding and Child Protection


SaffronSDGF and Partner organisations

Duration: 1 Day
Date: TBC
Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm
Venue: Emailed in confirmation letter to paid participants
Fees: ₦15,000 per person

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