about saffron

Mission Statement

We are committed to the support, development, co-ordination, implementation, monitoring and review of safeguarding and child protection practices; ensuring that effective child protection procedures within and between all agencies working with children and young people are in place.

Saffron SDGF will promote the following values through its work:

• All work undertaken is child-centred and that children’s welfare is promoted regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, religion, ethnicity, disability or background.

• Safeguarding children is a shared responsibility and that effective multi-agency working is crucial to the positive discharge of these responsibilities

• Multi-agency training and capacity building promotes positive inter-agency working, relationships and understanding

• The importance of good information sharing practices are embraced

• The value of partnership and of wide-ranging consultation in the development of safeguarding policies and practices involving not only statutory and voluntary agencies, but also those who will be affected by the decisions that are made (children, parents and carers)

• The value of the public as agents for safeguarding and protecting children within the community

• The importance of monitoring and reviewing what we do, responding to situations that arise in our communities, learning from our actions, our mistakes and communicating learning outcomes in an open and honest way.