Understandably, it is essential for children to develop their learning and experiences through use of New and Developing Technologies but at the same time the new technology contains potential risk areas that need to be acknowledged and controlled.

The world we live in is rapidly changing, with the expansion of the internet and new advances in computer and mobile phone technology. The internet is fast leading to exciting opportunities in communication and learning.
For many adults, it is often much harder for us to embrace new technology, whilst our children and young people regard it as a regular and familiar part of everyday life.

Children, young people and the general population in the Nigeria now spend significant parts of their school, social and home life accessing the internet both in their learning, gaming and general leisure time.
Subsequently, for those of us whose role it is to safeguard and promote the welfare of young people, this throws up new challenges!

Saffron Social Development Global Foundation is developing an ‘e-safety strategy’ to give us a framework for both enabling the children and young people we are responsible for, to use the new technologies safely and ensuring that our stakeholders have the necessary tools and information to assist them in their safeguarding roles. This e-safety strategy will form part of the SaffronSDGF Business plan for the next 5 years.