SaffronSDGF is committed to working in partnership with the government, our stakeholders, Corporate Business Organisations (CBOs), Private Organisations, and non-governmental organisations to improve the quality and impact of initiatives with development partners in Nigeria and the Global Village.

Saffron Social Development Global Foundation (SaffronSDGF) is dedicated to achieving agenda 2030; by delivering and facilitating interventions and programmes towards the achievement of the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals. Ultimately, all of SaffronSDGF objectives and services continue to work towards supporting Nigeria in achieving ‘Goals 3, 4, 5 and 16’ of the Global SDGs.

Why Partner with SaffronSDGF?

As an organisation, we are accountable to our ‘Corporate and Funding Partners’ and the general public. We are mandated to periodically carry out evaluations and deliver a final report at the end of each intervention/programme. An annual internal and external financial audit, alongside our financial report will be made public in our ‘Annual Report’ each year.
We manage and monitor our projects stringently to ensure efficient utilisation of funds. Projects are also regularly evaluated by professionals to measure progress against plans.
We also facilitate regular meetings with project staff, partners, parents, children and community groups to enable us assess progress and effectiveness of service delivery.

Networking and Special Events

SaffronSDGF establishes effective relationships with the government, all our stakeholders, Corporate Business Organisations (CBOs), Private Organisations, and non-governmental organisations involved with interventions to ‘END CHILD VIOLENCE’ around the world and on a number of social issues, to bring about major positive outcomes in population and development.
Our Networking and Special Events Team will undertake special awareness and publicity events distributing general information leaflets, Education and Communication materials at our partner’s request on such occasions.


We focus on mobilisation and empowerment of communities. Our approach gets to the root cause of these developmental issues – such as non-functioning schools, unemployed parents, non-operational healthcare centres and so on that keep children away from their rights – and enable change that can sustain itself.

Brand Visibility

An agreed ‘Working Together Partnership’ agreement with SaffronSDGF can ensure that together, we can both work towards achieving our developmental and collective sustainable goals.
We will display your brand image (organisation’s logo) on our website as a ‘Child Focused and Socially Conscious Organisation’
This will also give your employees a ‘Sense of Fulfilment’ as working for employers that ‘Make a Difference’.
We invite you to come with us on this journey as we provide a service that raises awareness, educates, develops and impacts positively on the lives of all children in Nigeria and the world over.