Saffron Safeguarding the Nigerian Child


During the process of the partnership intervention family assessment by the assessment team, the team has come to an agreement that with empowerment and support Mrs Bello will be able to parent and provide basic care, safe and healthy environment for her children.
The aim is to reintegrate child O with his own family to facilitate the child’s right to family life.
To uphold Saffron five outcomes for every Nigerian child which are:

  • Staying Safe: keeping children and young people safe from maltreatment, neglect, violence, sexual exploitation, accidental injury, death, anti-social behavior; giving them security, stability and care.
  • Being Healthy: keeping children and young people physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually healthy.
  • Enjoying and Achieving: ensuring children and young people attend, enjoy and achieve national standards at school, achieve personal and social development and enjoy recreation.
  • Achieving Economic Well-being: ensuring children and young people engage in education or employment after leaving school, are ready for employment, live in decent homes, have access to transport and material goods, and live in higher income households.
  • Making A Positive Contribution to Society: Make a positive contribution: ensuring children and young people are active and positive citizens, develop positive relationships, self-confidence and enterprising behavior.



1. To bring the child O and his siblings under the same roof with their mother.
2. The team will look into child O academic under-achievement challenges.
3. The children will have access to extra-curriculum activities.
4. Register the family with a health provider at their community.
5. Empower and support the mother for her to provide the children with basic needs, safe and healthy environment.